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Smile.. also today is a day of taste, smell, breath, touch, beauty and the sounds of stillness and diversity. Each moment will teach you to stay fearless in front of the mystery of presence. ~Anira #abundance #heart #senses #fredoom #mindfulness #remeberwhoyouare #silence #stillness #smile #personalgrowth #personligutvecking #anira #levaverkstan #beflownow
Don't you ever underestimate your true power. You're the fire, the earth, the flood, the storm and heavens delight. Embrace it all before the whispers of "You're not good enough" will turn you blind and trapped in doubts. With Love ~ Anira #truepower, #fire #heavenonearth #free #selflove #revolution #love #freeyourself #truth #beflownow #levaverkstan #tantra #personalgrowth #personligutvecking
Ecstatic bliss is my real birthname. The body I live in is my true home and temple. Fire, wind, earth and water, my every day life music for my soul. Humble are my steps into every unknown mystery of this endless party of perfectly imperfect mastery. Dancing within this temple of sparkling Devine firework I'm resting in the hands of my pure raw wildness. Love is here to open me to cosmic pieces that will never end and provide me with an endless overflowing river of life force. Through my temple I dance, a dance of the fierce lover, ecstatic and softly I'm opening one step at the time. ~Anira
Waking up thankful for the gift of being ALIVE. Humble, sparkling I'm dancing into the unknown of each and every precious now. Spreading my gifts as the sun continues to shine. Receiving from the overflowing abundance of earth. Breathing in, allowing light to comfort me, open me, receiving me. Breathing out, surrendering to the mystical dense moist of dawn. Held, always held thankful for being a tool for expansion, abundance, ease, truth and deep love. Here present! 💖 ~Anira
Step by step, breath by breath I'm expanding into what ever plan life was gifted me with. Humble I'm stepping into the unknown of each and every precious now, knowing that there will be no return, no stepping back, no regret. Every now is preparing us for what's coming up next, every now holds secret treasures to be manifested in an unknown purpose of a now. Listen, listen carefully to the tiny signs of guidense, golden truths, hidden treasures, lessons and commitments with mystery. You are blessed, we all are. Follow your heart and the path of your heart will always whisper your name. ~Anira
The source with in is a loving hummingbird ready to support you on every step of your path. Rest in the truth of always being held and connected. ~Anira
Most fears are just voices not heard, tiny whispers of longings that was not brought to fulfilment. Desires buried in graveyards with a heavy stone of guilt, shame, not being worthy and brave enough on top. Roar it, step into it, hold it and scream it out loud my friend, and may all parts of you rebirth through it. Amen! ~Anira
In the deepest forests and chambers of my soul there is a silent roar of emptiness that contains all that is. It's solid, wet, earthy, raw, powerful and it's so me. In that nakedness of full surrender I allow my inside to become the outside, the darkness to fuel the light and emptiness to dance along side with death, rebirth and total ecstatic aliveness. Me, yes it's me. All of it! I chew it, taste it and feel it until just pure existence rise friendly within. ~ ❤ Love Anira
Nice, yes I might be, but to be nice for real, you better start with being real!! ~Anira
Open up to be strong, the hidden path to real power is naturally called out by allowing one's own vulnerability. By allowing yourself to be thorn to pieces you actually blossoming new seeds, allowing an even stronger foundation and breathing fresh air into creation. Magic will appear through the cracks, light of freedom will arise from the wounds and new waves of love will reach your shores. ~ Anira
To meet from union ❤
Simply life! Always precious in it's own special ways!
No explanation needed 😉.
Coaching around sexuality and somatic sexual healing work now in Levaverkstan/ Be Flow Now!! Yes, over the past year, I've been studying and deepening my knowledge in somatic sexual bodywork and empowerment through various "ISTA" courses and now the practitioner training that I'm currently doing level two in. I now offers a number of 90 minutes sessions online, at my clinic in the south of Sweden or somewhere else if I'm out travelling to a special price. So if your deep desire and longing in life matches one or more of these points. 💗. Give yourself a pleasurable and healing 2018! • Would you like to dare to love and be fully loved? • Would you like to improve your sex life? • Do you have sexual experiences that you would like to heal and let go of? • Would you like to get fully home in your body and get closer contact with your sexual potential? • Would you like to learn to set clear boundaries and truly know what feel good and not good for you? • Would you like to revive your ancient power? • Would you like to get rid of your guilt, shame and fear around sexuality? • Would you like to deepen and improve your relationship with your partner? • Would you like to open yourself to invite a new partner into your life? • Would you like to to learn to fully serve your own holy temple? Warmly welcome with your interest notification in a PM to me, email or contact me by phone 0046768-245810. Looking forward to serving you! With gratitude! ~ Anira Möller
We are made for fun!!
Be real, be raw, be the queen of your own natural unique power!
Sooo very true!!!!!
Free to be perfectly just YOU, who ever that turns out to be each moment 💓. ~Anira
To own your own power, craziness, wildness, flaws, sacredness, vulnerability and wonder. ~Anira
Spread your light. You're the universe sparkling in your own unique colour, smell, flame, tone and flavour. ~ Anira
Honour the amazing temple you live in. You're blossoming from your roots up 💖. You are the flower you've always longed for. Embrace it all!
Inside out, vibrating, cracked wide wild expanded from the heart trough every cell in your entire body! That is dance for me! Integrating the divinity of ONE into full existence trough all limiting beliefs of who you are and what you're here for! When you become the dance there i nothing less than eternal freedom <3! For joining a session of Balance Dance check the calendar of ~ Anira
You are the master creator of your own fairytale. Go!
Be present with what is. Breath it, fall into it until the separation between you and what ever happens disappear. There you'll find yourself free from judging, separation and suffering. ~Anira
You are a crystal, sparkling of heartlight from inside. No extra is needed!
Every Now is a brand new opportunity for enjoying the adventure of being you. 🤗 ~ Anira

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